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Dr. Federico Mayo

Dr. Federico Mayo is one of the best plastic surgeons in Spain, whose prestige has crossed borders. This reputation has led him to perform surgical interventions in Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Great Britain, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania. He is also regularly invited to international congresses around the world to impart his knowledge.

He completed his studies by the Doctoral Program in Surgery at the Complutense University of Madrid with Recognition of Investigation Aptitude (1995) and contined his education by postgraduate training: Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery via MIR at the Doce de Octubre Hospital in Madrid (finished in April 2001).


His professional career includes various leading positions (latest the Head of Service of Plastic Surgery at the Beata Maria Ana Hospital, Madrid) and consultant surgeon positions in international teams such as the International Medical team of Allergan Laboratories ort he Mentor Corp Laboratories located in U.S.

Professor, surgeon and researcher Dr. Mayo considers plastic surgery as a medical and artistic discipline, through which art can be made with different parts of the body. The result of the research and his great experience in breast surgery with more than 8,000 interventions are his patents on postoperative pain, breast implants and operation techniques.

More information can be found at: https://doctormayo.es/professional-associations/


Dr. Prof. Marcos Sforza

Professor Marcos Sforza is one of the most renowned lecturers and researcher in the realm of cosmetic surgery. He is invited to various conferences around the world on a regular basis to confer his experience on over 7000 procedures.

He has a degree in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1998). After the study he continued with training specialised in Plastic Surgery at the Santa Casa da Misericordia of Rio de Janeiro and was trained by Professor Ivo Pitanguy (certification received in 2004). After finishing his training, he was invited to remain at Professor Pitanguy’s School as a teaching instructor.

Currently, he is a senior professor of plastic surgery at the SESA University and visiting professor at the Faculty of Medicine UNIFESO (Brazil).

Professor Sforza is an author of numerous works published in leading medical journals and is regularly invited to speak at international congresses and conferences. His academic papers seek to establish dialogue between different areas of medical knowledge: surgery, human sciences, bioethics, stem cells and they converge on his main area of interest: regenerative medicine and plastic surgery.

He was awarded four times in the last five years in the main Societies of our specialty. Professor Sforza is also a leader of the pioneering research on Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

More information can be found at: https://marcossforza.com/about/


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